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Ellis: A Kingdom in Turmoil

Good King Heinrich is dead, betrayed by his closest advisor.  His three sons, quarrelsome to the end, have vowed that only one of them shall rule.  How many thousands will die before a king is chosen?

Rumors tell of unrest in the border-lands, and among the recently subjugated Cordovans. Will they sit idly by while civil war rages throughout kingdom?

Religious zealots speak of the end times and whip themselves into a frenzy.  Heresy is stirring right under the noses of the clergy, while church leaders bicker amongst themselves.

This is your character’s world and it is crumbling down.  What will you do?  What will you fight for?  What is worth saving and what needs to change?  Who can you trust?  To what lengths will you go to save a kingdom in turmoil?

A Pen-and-Paper Roleplaying Game of Low-Fantasy, High-Roleplaying